The History Of The Men’s Y Back Tank Top

Men’s tank tops were first introduced to Eastern fashion in the 19th century as a part of bathing suits for both men and women, during the 1920’s at the time this “Unitard” or “Singlet” was a one-piece combination of men’s compression shorts on the bottom and a sleeveless low front cut compression tank top top. Hence the name “Singlet”. Then later became known as the Tank Top. Coney Island was it’s birth place. This nickname came about during the World War l when soldiers, Muscular Men of the time were known to be “built strong like a Tank”. Due to the hot weather, uncomfortable stuffy fit and the need for a tan, guy’s quickly just cut them in half according to Ray Lucca, director of global marketing at Physique Bodyware USA, inspired by the movie Pumping Iron, we re invented the Y Back Stringer Tank Top in the late 1980’s for bodybuilders and elite athletes to help them stay cool and dry during their workouts and to look frigging awesome in the gym while they trained!

The men’s Y back tank top was made world famous in the 1970’s in bodybuilding gyms across America, especially a little gym founded by Joe Gold in Santa Monica California. The men’s Y back stringer tank top as it became known as today thanks for its shoe string like straps, was hand made by the bodybuilders at Gold’s just by cutting the straps of a standard tank top to give it that vintage look and fit that bodybuilders thrive for today. Unlike the tank tops we’ve all seen on TV and in the movies made famous by Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine” and David Hasselhoff in Baywatch and Bruce Willis in “Die Hard” plus Bruce Lee in “Enter The Dragon” and Vin Diesel in “Fast and Furious”. It wasn’t until 1990 that the men’s tank top transitioned from a simple sleeveless tee to the iconic muscle shirt that we know and love today. It was during that decade, when Physique Bodyware came along and coined the phrase Y back stringer tank top and made it a household name.

Over the past 3 decades the Y back tank top has been accepted as a staple in every day culture. Not just for bodybuilders, Y back stringer tank tops are being worn by actors, lawyers, country music stars, rappers, ballers and wrestlers to name a few. This unconventional bodybuilder gym tank top style dominated store shelves during the 90’s just as strong as they do today! What started off as the white ribbed cotton “wife beater” back in the day has transcended to the main stream thanks to Physique Bodyware and their innovative styles, fabric blends and V tapered fit that separates their American made Y back stringer tank top from all the rest. Leaving the competition in the dust for over 33 years, the Physique Bodyware original Y back stringer tank top is considered by the fitness industry as the Iconic Y back tank top for athletes and is the gold standard for bodybuilders today.

Made in America since 1990, our legacy continues. Today you can snag Bulk, Wholesale priced Y back tank tops to help build your brand, promote your gym, event or athlete. Our blank men’s Y back tank tops are preferred by today’s screen printers, brand makers, supplement and promotional companies.

Y Back Stringer Hoodies, The Next Generation Tank Top

When it comes down to what to wear to the gym on leg day, you gotta wear workout shorts and maybe a stringer tank top won’t cut it, that’s why we invented the Y back stringer hoodie. That’s right, this modern day classic workout shirt offers you the best of both worlds. For form and function it’s a great fitting modern day sleeveless hoodie from the front and a vintage Y back stringer tank top from the back. Offering you both style and comfort from the everyday gym rat to the hard core bodybuilder who just wants to put his hood on, ear buds in and lift. This Physique Bodyware exclusive Y back hoodie looks killer in the gym, on the beach and on the street, perfect for showcasing your logo, your brand, your athlete, your gym and your event.