Men’s Blank Y Back Stringer Tank Tops. Only $7.75. Custom Made in America


Men’s blank Y back stringer tank tops by Physique Bodyware.  Made in America. ONLY 7.75  WHEN YOU BUY 24 OR MORE.  MIX N’ MATCH SIZE AND COLORS.  Our men’s blank Y back tank tops are preferred by bodybuilders, weight lifters, elite athletes, screen printers, supplement brands and promotional companies for over 30 years.  Made in America.  Your tank tops will NOT have logo on back  Wholesale minimum order 24 pcs. Mix &  Match all colors and sizes.  Bulk Price drops to 7.75 when you hit 24 or more.  Wholesale priced Physique Bodyware men’s blank Y back stringer tank tops are perfect for promoting your brand, gym, athlete, fitness event or supplement line. Tri-blend 88% Poly/9% Rayon/3% Spandex. Shades may vary. We’re the manufacturer, our care label will have our name on it.  Note: Colors available in size XS: Black, Neon Pink, Heather Grey, Purple and Army Green.  Made in America. Order now! 

Only 7.75 when you buy 24 or more. Mix "N Match all colors and sizes. No coupons


Men’s blank y back stringer tank tops ONLY 7.75  WHEN YOU BUY 24 OR MORE.  MIX N’ MATCH COLORS AND SIZES.   Tired of buying cheap imported tank tops that shrink? Get bulk prices, buy American, buy wholesale direct from the original designer and manufacturer and save.  Physique Bodyware is the fitness industries leading supplier of men’s blank Y back stringer tank tops for bodybuilding for over 3 decades.  Our Tri-Blend, V tapered, athletic cut stringers for bodybuilders and elite athletes are hands down the best fitting, best looking tanks available anywhere.  Are you looking to build your brand, showcase your event, athlete or event?  There’s no better blank men’s blank y back stringer tank top available on the market today.  Your  tops will NOT have logo on back.   Blank stringer tank tops made in America. Order now. Check out our full line of Wholesale priced workout and bodybuilding clothes today.  Learn More 

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men's blank y back stringer tank tops

Men's Blank Y Back Stringer Tank Tops. Only $7.75. Custom Made in America

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