About Us

Physique Bodyware is a legendary bodybuilding clothing & fitness lifestyle brand, apparel manufacturer and online workout clothing retailer made in America. Founded in 1990, we reinvented the Y back tank top, AKA the stringer tank top and we now offer over 100 custom athletic fit styles.  Supported by millions of bodybuilders, athletes, followers and customers living the Physique lifestyle in over 150 countries. Our technology is advanced, our passion is extreme and our mission is simple, to make every physique look their best through the pursuit of creation, dedication and self-expression. We create the tools to help you Find Your Physique and unlock your limitless potential.  Interested in repping our brand or becoming a BRAND AMBASSADOR of #PHYSIQUEBODYWARE?. If you got what it takes you can apply here! 

We Can Help Build Your Brand!  Get Bulk Wholesale Prices.  Our Blank, Non Logo line of wholesale priced men’s workout apparel is available to help you build your brand, promote your logo your athlete your gym and your fitness event.  Physique Bodyware is your GO TO brand maker!  Many of you are already wearing Physique Bodyware under one of several Private Labels that we make and don’t even know it.  Everything we sell and ship is made in our factories here in the United States of America. No compromises! We use quality fabrics, today’s technologies we support American workers, their families and the bodybuilding lifestyle. Check out our NO LOGO line today!  Whether you are a gym rat, a bodybuilder, physique athlete or fitness competitor Physique Bodyware has got you covered.  Shop now!

Our Athlete’s.  Over the past 30 years Physique Bodyware has been worn by many of the best Physiques on the planet including Arnold, Larry Scott, The Rock, King Kamali, Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Priest, Juan Morel, Akim Williams, Rich Gaspari, Dave Palumbo, George Peterson, Bill Grant and Trish Stratus to name a few.

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