Muscle Buzz: Customer Testimonials-

“The styles are fresh, funky and fun”
-Trish Stratus Fitness Model & WWE Superstar

“Physique Bodyware Thanks For All The Great Gear!”
-Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia & Arnold Classic Winner

“Physique Bodyware’s workout clothes are dynamite, the perfect fit!”

“Your sportswear is wonderful”
-Jack LaLanne Bodybuilding Legend & The Godfather Of Fitness

“I Love your stuff!”
-Stacey Lynn Fitness Super Model/Actress

“Look your very best in fitness styles that enhance your Physique”
-Steve Reeves International Movie Star & Physique Legend

“Quality is killer, unique workout clothing styles and awesome customer service”
-Max Muscle

“Physique Bodyware is right on! The styles, quality and customer service are excellent!”
-Men’s Exercise

“Your Slinky Muscle Shirts are fantastic!”
-Larry Scott Mr. Olympia

“You guys at Physique Bodyware broke the mold with the best fitting long sleeve compression crew ever! I was tired of that annoying logo on my chest!”
-Frank McGirth Pro Athlete OH

“Your prices and quality of your Y back stringer tank tops are terrific!”
-Flex Pro Bodybuilder

“Physique Bodyware, Awesome Workout Clothes!”
-Chris Faildo Pro Bodybuilder

“Great fitting & comfortable workout shorts! Physique Bodyware is all I wear when I’m training in the gym!”
-King Kamali Pro Bodybuilding Champion

“Physique Bodyware, You got to love the clothes and skin you’re in”
-XO Zap-Raye Hollitt

“Physique Bodyware, awesome workout clothes, great prices! Great workout baggies. I’ll never shop any where else”
-Cheryl MN

“My Wife looks fantastic in her new womens fitness pants by Physique Bodyware!”
-Bert SD

“Your mens muscle shirts fit perfect and your prices can’t be beat!”
-Lewis WA

“Great service and my Husband loves your workout gym pants!”
-Angelina CA

“I just love your styles! Great quality!”
-Eliseo VA

“WOW! Physique Bodyware your workout apparel rocks! Keep up the good work.”
-Joe NJ

“Physique, my Wife has stolen my Physique Jacket because it’s soft like a teddy bear! Please send send me another one ASAP!”
-Dave IL

“Great site lots of info! Love your tank tops”

“Your ladies yoga pants are the best fitting pants I own!”
-Shannon ME

“Please bring back more Y back stringer tank tops, 18 colors are not enough!”
-Dustin UT

“As part of a team of personal trainers at LA Fitness, Physique Bodyware is all we wear!”
-Gary TX

“Thanks to your great fitting mens posing suits I won my pro card! Your posing trunks fit much better then AC’s here in Cali.”
-Vinny CA

” Thank you! Nice to find mens workout clothes made in America.”
-Greg FL

“I’m so glad that I signed up for your VIP promotions! Love my Leopard workout shorts”
-Harriet KS

“I just received my workout pants order. Love the brown. But I have to tell you the camouflage waffle gym baggies are AWESOME! My only regret is I didn’t buy 20 more pairs when they were on sale! Great quality! Great service!”
-Jeffrey CA

“Guy’s your mens Karate Pants fit perfect! I will order again.”
-Shawn NC

“Have received every color Y-back tank top and they’re the best! Will order more.”
-Rhoderick NY

“I just won my first pro show thanks to your tips from the pros! My posing suit fit perfect, like it was custom made. Thanks guy’s!”
-Evan CT

“Physique Bodyware, nobody offers more muscle, nobody! Keep it up.”
-Ray AZ

“Your workout clothes are BOSS! Website is loaded with great diet tips by the pros!”
-Dan NV

“Team Physique Bodyware, your iPod workout shirts are a great idea! Inovation for the gym”
-Warren TX

“Hey Physique Bodyware, your workout baggies fit me like like a glove, great quality and sale price. Love the deep pockets!”
-Kevin RI

“Thanks to the training tips on your site I’ve lost 15 pounds! Now I can buy your form fitting muscle shorts.”
-Chris NM

“Wearing my new Y-back stringer tanks I’m an instant CHIC MAGNET at the gym thanks to Physique Bodyware!”
-Tony NY

“Pumping Iron here in Italy PB is Numero Uno!”
-Geno IT

“Thanks to all at Physique Bodyware for supporting this years Mr. Olympia!”
-Wayne NY

“Just seen awesome BSN ads with 8 X Mr. O Ronnie Coleman wearing your pro workout shorts! If they fit Ronnie they’ll fit me!”
-Frank ID

“Year after year Physique Bodyware continues to rock the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo! Thanks!”
-Jim OH

“Thanks for all the great workout gear and efficient service! I’m an old fart but your gear especially your V-tapered big tops and y backs make me look super fit for my age”
-Ted OR

“Thanks for all of your support!”
-Phil Heath 2011 Mr. Olympia

“Physique Bodyware more muscle for less cash! Your men’s muscle shirts rule!”
-Danny DE

“After two recent purchases from you I’ve been very happy with my buy’s, so thanks! At 75 years young your workout clothes keep me going”
-Dick WY

“I’m deployed in Iraq, active duty. Just wanted to thank yall for the care packages you have sent to the troops. I’m also sure you don’t here it enough so thank you!”
-Chris MO

“Physique Bodyware has sexy, stylish and affordable women’s fitness clothes. Turning heads and stopping traffic is sexy and thats why I wear Physique Bodyware.”
-Michelle TX

“Awesome ladies gym pants. Just started my workout again and your womens yoga pants make me feel confident and comfortable!”
-Donna NJ

“I love everything about my new workout pants, the deep pockets and pleats are perfect. Congratulations on a great American made product!”
-Genevieve GA

“Dig the layout in MM with me training legs sporting your Hot Shorts! Please send me a few more.”
-Lee Priest Pro Bodybuilder

“I recently received an order of workout shorts and wanted to thank you for an excellent product. They were exactly what I was looking for. I’m very pleased!”
-Christopher NJ

“I’ve been a regular customer since 1992. Great service, fast shipping! Thank you for making your quality workout gear here in the USA”
-Barry ME

“You’re just like my great friend Tommy from the Bronx – straight up! I’ll be sure to tell my friends about Physique Bodyware, and I’ll always come to you guys first for fitness clothes! Have a great weekend.”
-Bill GA

“I purchased my first Y back tank top back from you in 2000. Fast forward 16 years later I had to replace them! I just bought all 14 colors! American quality all the way”
-Vince TX

“Guy’s, just seen the movie Pain and Gain for the 10th time, your Physique Bodyware Y back tank top worn by The Rock looks AWESOME! I bought 3 of them!”
-Patrick Venice CA

“My original Workout Baggies died after 7 years! Replaced them with your new Physique jogger pants and I wear them 3X week! They fit fantastic! Love Physique made in America”
-Gary NY

“Great fitting Hoodies”
-Allen LA

“Got my first order from Physique, the fit is custom!  You got a customer for life” 
-Edward TX

“It’s a quality hoodie bought all 3 colors! I’d buy more if available
-Dave AR

“My order arrived very quickly. These y back tanks are great-excellent material-great cut-vibrant colors” 
-Blayne CO

“These workout shorts fit and look GREAT training at Gold’s Gym Venice. BEST I’VE EVER WORN-Sized as advertized!”
-John CA

“Physique Bodyware is made in the U.S.A. for over 26 years, end of story”
-Frank FL