Supplement plan for bodybuilding success! By David Robson

Supplement plan for bodybuilding success: What are the best options?

Modern technology and the wonders of science have increasingly made our lives efficient and more productive than ever. Where once we would have had to walk miles just to begin our workday, now, due to advances in automotive technology we can get there in record time. This kind of progress has enhanced our productivity, enabled us to do more in a shorter period. The same holds true for bodybuilding. At one time bodybuilders would have spent hours concocting various shakes – each resembling a science experiment gone wrong – for the purposes of gaining lean body mass. These same people might also have eaten tons of red meat to get valuable creatine, protein and vitamin-B to boost power, add volume to their muscles repair tissue and increase energy. While they were at it they might also have devoured huge servings of fatty fish to acquire the omega three needed for general health maintenance and cell integrity. The effort spent eating this way may have interfered with gym and recuperation time. Further, the cost associated with obtaining all their necessary muscle-building nutrients through solid food might have posed its own restrictions. Today with the advent of various timesaving, nutrient dense supplements, we are better able to target specific aspects of physical development in a more engineered, systematic fashion. More than just a way in which to get precise quantities of muscle-building nutrients, correct supplementation with its increasing array of meal replacements and energy boosters, has become a cornerstone strategy for maximum training intensity and muscle development. As we approach 2007 the range of supplements on the market is staggering. Supplement companies are increasing by the day and few go out of business. Why? Because, if done correctly, supplementing your diet with the right nutritional products will fast track your bodybuilding progress. Unlike the days of old, today’s bodybuilding mentality is all about fast progress and efficiency in and out of the gym. A good supplement strategy helps today’s bodybuilders reach their training targets quicker, and their progress is usually superior compared to those of yesteryear. To achieve your bodybuilding objectives faster and more effectively, consider using some of the more successful muscle building, fat burning supplements to hit the shelves. What follows is an overview of the most effective supplements currently available. Try them today to fast track your results.

1. A high potency multi-vitamin and mineral tablet. A high potency multi-vitamin and mineral tablet will provide the additional micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) a hard training bodybuilder needs for their muscles to respond favourably to hard training sessions. For various metabolic processes to take place, such as protein synthesis (significant for bodybuilders) and carbohydrate storage for energy, the body needs an adequate supply of micronutrients. Without these it would fail to function at an optimal level, meaning in curtailment in training progress.

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2. A whey protein powder. Forming 20 percent of cow’s milk and having the highest quality rating of all protein sources, whey protein is the most readily assimilated protein source available, making it ideal for rapid digestion and uptake. Whey protein has also been shown to be one of the more anabolic (muscle building) of the protein sources, and also has the added benefit of improving immune function. Ideal times to take whey are directly after training when the body is most receptive rapid protein uptake – it is at this point whey reaches the muscles when they need protein most. Another ideal time is one hour before training, as it will at this time absorb quickly so as to not negatively impact training progress due to the fullness other protein sources can create.

3. Creatine. Thought to be the gold standard in supplementation, and certainly the most scientifically studied, creatine, which available in several forms, the most common being monohydrate, provides several positive benefits for those wanting to add quality muscle. It has been shown to enhance our ability to exert maximal effort during training sessions due to its ability to facilitate ATP production. Also it directly adds volume to the muscles through its ability to initially increase intracellular water uptake by the muscles (the process responsible for the initial rapid weight gain experienced while using it), before, according to some reports, stimulating protein synthesis. Research has also shown creatine to have a favourable effect on myogenic cells – non-specific cells that can form new muscle following muscle tissue damage. Due to its powerful effects, creatine has been likened to a legal steroid. Any product containing creatine is likely to benefit the hard training bodybuilder in more ways than one.

4. An energy drink. A dextrose-based energy drink will supply simple sugars, when they are needed most: directly following training. Sugars introduced at this time will be rapidly absorbed and stored as muscle glycogen, in preparation for the next workout. For those who train for longer periods, an energy drink can help sustain training intensity during this time. In fact, it has become common practice nowadays for bodybuilders to consume an energy drink before, during and after training to ensure adequate performance. The key to optimal performance in the weight room is an adequate supply of glycogen within the working muscles. Energy drinks, particularly those with a dextrose base (dextrose is more rapidly absorbed) are the most efficient way to achieve this.

5. Omega-three fish oil. Omega-three fatty acids will assist with many aspects of health and wellbeing. Significantly for bodybuilders they will help to reduce muscle inflammation and enhance joint strength, thereby hastening tissue repair and allowing for greater stability. They have many more beneficial qualities though. As a brain function booster they are without peer. The right combination of EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid respectively) – the two main types of omega three fatty acids used by the body – found in a good omega-three supplement can also aid muscle building, and fat loss in particular. In fact, studies have shown that those who follow a fat loss diet along with a good exercise plan were able to maintain better control over their blood sugar and cholesterol levels when an omega three supplement was introduced. They lost more fat as a result. From a general health perspective omega-three supplementation has been shown to provide insurance against heart disease, stroke, diabetes and arthritis. Anyone interested in his or her health and bodybuilding success would be well advised to use a good omega three supplement.

6. Glutamine. A supplement that has gained in popularity over recent years is glutamine. One of the more significant amino acids due to its ability to aid in nitrogen metabolism, meaning it can restore nitrogen balance (the body’s main protein status marker), glutamine is often mixed with whey protein and creatine to provide a triple-whammy effect. It has a more significant anti-catabolic effect compared to other amino acids as it directly prevents muscle tissue wasting, a process that can occur when glutamine stores are low. Some studies have even suggested that glutamine (as little as two grams) can boost growth hormone levels significantly. In light of the research and real-world evidence to show how it works, glutamine is one supplement a bodybuilder cannot do without.

7. A fat burner. A good fat burning supplement will work on three levels: it will increase energy, boost metabolic rate and suppress appetite. Sure, hard work and good nutrition will always be fundamental ways to lose unwanted weight, but a fat burner will definitely optimise this process to achieve fast, more effective fat loss. With ephedrine off the market, companies are frequently coming out with revolutionary fat loss products, all designed for the express purpose of getting the bodybuilder ripped, fast. Today’s bodybuilders take every advantage to gain size and lose fat, and this means using fat loss products in conjunction with muscle building supplements to maximise their progress.

8. An all in one supplement. Supplement companies of today are becoming smarter. They recognise that by combining various proven supplements into one easy to use product they can target both prospective bodybuilders and established champions alike. The products usually released in this manner are glutamine/creatine/whey combinations, or creatine with a simple sugar based for optimal absorption. While all the products featured in this article are great on their own, the combination products are often the best option as they save money, are convenient and, most importantly, provide the most productive nutrients in precise quantities. There is one supplement out there that combines all the supplements featured in this article in optimal quantities for the best results. This product, Explosive Growth Blend, could rightly be called an all-in-one “total” muscle building/fat loss supplement. It contains muscle building whey protein, creatine and glutamine, and fat burning agents for maximal fat loss, energy boosting dextrose, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and a special antioxidant blend. While most supplements on the market have merit, Explosive Growth Blend contains them all in precise amounts, making it great for convenience and ultimate muscle building/fat loss.

Conclusion Today’s bodybuilders are not satisfied with inefficient progress and substandard productivity, and nor should they be. It has become a buyers market and lifters are becoming more discerning by the day. Not all products are created equally and those in the know choose to go with the best, most effective options. To achieve your greatest bodybuilding progress ever, try the supplements featured in this article. Better yet, use an all-in-one supplement for maximal results.