I would be honored to give out some care packages for you. I’ve attached a couple of pictures so you care see the stero typing I get. One of them is before I started lefting and I can honestly say that weight lefting and the military has change me in every way. Both have given me pride, strength, confidence and mental stability. I want to thank you for your support. Most people say they support the troops, but don’t show it. You do both and with the “military Muscle” link, that’s the first one I’ve seen and hope to see it become it’s own web page with you.I would like to say that I do like your products, as well as the fit. Wished I’d found you a few years ago , again thank you and I hope you have Happy Holidays.
Thank You again!

Take Care,

Craig Jennings


Thank you! Your order was shipped out on Friday! Also on Friday another Free Care package went out to the troops in Iraq. We will keep you in mind for the next package to give out for us. To All the troops, private contractors and their loved ones, we THANK YOU! 9/11 changed us all……we’ve seen 1st hand, when Physique Bodyware went to ground ZERO & handed out FREE clothes to all the cops and firefighters their tremendous courage, dedication, bravery and sacrifices being made! Seeing it on TV was not the same as seeing it in person. That day changed all us, we will never take our freedom or country for granted again!

Physique Bodyware was not aware of how many of our soldiers were our customers over the years ’till they called to change their shipping address to APO’s and FPO’s leaving for war! We made a promise we would take care of them since most companies will not ship to military addresses. Over the past few years many of our military customers have become our very close friends, we even have a group coming back from Iraq in Jan from the NY area coming over for dinner.

Keep up with your workouts out there! We have posted your emails on our Military Muscle link with your photo’s

Physique Bodyware wishes you and your unit a very Merry Christmas

God Bless and Stay Safe!

Thank you and you are welcome. I’m spreadin’ the word about you and PB.
Happy Holidays!!!