Submitted By: V/R MIKE

Thank you for taking the time to email me a card….do me a favor, write the troops that are deployed over in Iraq and Afgan…….they could use your support.



PS I forgot the name of the lady (working for your company) who wrote me when I was there, I believe she was one of the heads of the company….I still owe her a picture from over there. Do any names come to mind???

Dear Valued Customer,

Merry Christmas!

Physique Bodyware wishes…

you and your family a Merry Christmas! Thank you for being such an important customer to us. We hope this time of year finds you filled with all the joy and happiness of the Christmas holiday season. Thank you to all of our Military Men & Women, our thoughts and prayers are with you. With the coming of a new year, we will continue to provide you with a fantastic new & exciting line of apparel at great value and the very best customer service.

With the warmest regards,

-Physique Bodyware

Hi Mike,

My staff forward your
email to me…’s Fran……Yes, please send us photo’s with an email and we will post it on our website!
My Staff and I Wish you and All of our Troops around the world especially in Iraq….Peace, good health, safety and a very Merry Christmas and Big THANK YOU!

Physique Bodyware will never forget the troops! Each week we are sending out FREE care packages filled with work out gear to train in. It’s our honor to do it! If I remember correctly, we sent a care package to you and your unit over to Iraq. Are you back in the states now?

We hope 2007 will bring a Peaceful change to Iraq for their country and for our Troops to be safe and come home!

God Bless you and our Troops

Merry Christmas


Team Physique Sales