We depart tomorrow night on our first leg of our journey home. I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for being such a good friend. Even though we have never met, I can truly call you a friend. Even though I am coming home I am saddened about leaving my Iraqi friends and comrades. Our lives have been innertwined over this past year and it is hard to say goodbye. Thank you for all that you have done for me and all my brothers and sisters in arms. As my Iraqi friends always tell me, we are not just friends but brothers. So my friend, you are as they say my sister. I will still be in touch during my journey home. Take care and God Bless YOU!!!

With warm regards, Bart
our reply back!

thank you, Bart!
Be safe coming home! Your family will be so so happy to see you! Yes, we are true friends and we will always be friends! Please stay in touch with us! Soon we will meet my Dear Friend! God Bless and “welcome home soldier”! Great job you did over there! We are proud of you! tell all your men in your unit we say “Welcome Home” we are glade you are home!
Your Friend for life


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