Submitted By: SFC Bart T. Garner

I am doing fine. Thank you for asking. And yes, I did receive my order. Everything looks GREAT!!! I am extremely pleased with the selection. I should have pictures for you within the next day or two. I have already wore the Stringer tank top and the shorts for a workout. The clothes felt comfortable against my skin.

That is great news about my letter. I hate to ask this but could I get six copies of the newspaper. Family and friends are asking about copies so I would like to take care of as many of them as possible. Thank you.

I sent you a New Iraqi Army Soldier’s Guide as a small token of my appreciation for all that you done for me. It really means a great deal to me. I think you will find the guide interesting for it is both in English and Arabic.

Thank you for the additional shirt you included in my order. I gave it to my buddy Ken so he can wear it when we workout. I will have him in the pictures that I send you.

Thanks again for everything.

SFC Bart T. Garner