Submitted By: ERIC R. WINTER

Fran and Team Physique Bodywear Team,

Thank you for your support, the guys will appreciate it. One thing that alot of people don’t realize, is these guys and gals are down here because they want to be. There is not anyone down here who was forced to join. Alot of people don’t support them, you guys will have some customers for life. Thank you. I just wanted to add that the next time someone starts complaining about the war in Iraq, please remind them that the soldiers that have fought and died for the right of their free speech need to be thanked. Your team are a wonderful bunch of people and I wish the best for you all. If you have any friends or family that are down here, I hope that they can come home you. There are alot of great and wonderful things that the men and women of the United States Armed Forces are doing to help the people of Iraq. The news media unfortunately doesn’t present these facts, they only sensationalize the negative and sad aspects of the war. They never show soldiers putting their lives on the line to give orphans Christmas gifts. They never show the schools being rebuilt and furnished with new equipment so the children can learn and have the opportunity to have a normal and happy childhood. If more of the politicians and reporters had the hearts, minds, and personal courage that the men and women in the United States Armed Forces exhibit, than maybe the world wouldn’t have as many problems as it does now, and there wouldn’t be any wars for the politicians to start, and lies for the reporters fabricate. Once again, thank you all, and god bless you. There truly are some good people left in this world.
Eric R. Winter
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FYI: I just approved an care package for you and 12 of your men to have from Physique Bodyware free of our gear to workout in over there! God Bless…..Fran

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