Submitted By: SFC B.T. GARNER

Thank you so very much for your words of support. It is an honor to be an American and a Soldier. And thank you for your assistance with my order. Barring that the Insurgents don’t blow up another bridge, our mail usually takes two weeks to reach us from the USA. I should not have a problem with e-mailing you when I receive the package. The Internet is pretty reliable here.

On the subject of how I heard about your company, I was web-surfing trying to find a Workout apparel company when I came upon your web-site. I opened it and immediately liked the selection of apparel and the layout of the web-site. As I have always been a comparison shopper, I checked several other web-sites for a comparison. None of the others caught my eye the way your selection/layout impressed me. I should have known to go by my first impression. So that is what I did and I can tell already that I made the best choice in going with your company. As soon as I get some more free time, I am going to sit down and read your “Military Muscle” section. I saw that there were quite a few letters contained in it.

Thanks again for everything. The job we do here will make a difference but it is going to take time. I wish that our fellow Americans that have forgotten about 9/11 would remember what those terrorists did to us and to the world. God Bless America!!!

SFC B.T. Garner
P.S. I attached some photos for your viewing pleasure. I hope that you like them.