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Thank you for your beautiful email to us! you are 100% right about the Media! We are with you and all our troops! we support and love you and are so very proud of you guys! I don’t have any family in this war, but we have become family to all our troops..even the wife’s the girlfriends… moms & Dads! We are all american! I had two uncles in the past uncle Ben in ww II and Korean war and my uncle Johnny in ww II. My uncle Ben bought camera’s for our troops in iraq! Once a solider always an soldier! You will always have a friend in Physique Bodyware! Your order and your care package was rushed out today for you and your men!
like always Stay safe and God Bless! PS can we post your email on our Military Muscle Link?

We love you


Physique Bodyware


You can post my email. And as soon as I get the guys rounded up, give us a couple weeks of heavy gains, and body crushing workouts, and we will send you photos when we are worthy to wear the gear:-) This is my second time in Iraq, but my third time fighting a war. Many of the guys here this is also their second tour, some of them even a third tour. There is not alot of things for the soldiers to do here, so alot of us try to keep our minds and bodies as sharp as they can possibly be. Once again thank you and god bless you and your family. Next time you speak with your uncles please tell them thank you for all that they have done, for all that they sacrificed. And Fran thank you for keeping the homefire burning and the flags waving. We will all come home, some of us carried by our brothers and sisters, but we will all come home, and we will not stop until Iraq is a safe place to enjoy the freedom and democracy that everyone in the world deserves.
Once again, thank you.

Eric R. Winter


Thank you….. I and my company will always flag wave for our country and our great true hero’s “our troops”! anything you need… please let us know we are here for you and your men! we added your emails to our Military muscle link THE LAST TWO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE ARE YOURS!
God Bless stay safe and come home soon!


Happy & Peaceful New year

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