Submitted By: AW2 (AW/NAC) Jason Bishop

To Whom This May Concern, I am with the HS-5 NightDippers currently deployed on the USS George Washington, which is an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf right now. One of my friends, YN2 Herbert Kelly, forwarded an email to the rest of the squadron showing us your much appreciated support. I am an Aircrewman aboard a H-60 Seahawk, and our job is very physically demanding, including jumping out of the helicopters as Rescue Swimmers, and survivor recovery over land. We have to stay in top shape and are constantly working out on the ship. I would love to get a catalog or a URL to a website to be able to order some of your products. We have a shop of 27 people and I’m sure most if not all of us would like to buy some workout shirts so we can have some unity during our PT sessions. We love taking pictures that support those that support us, and being an aircrewman, we can get some pretty good shots. Thank you so much again for the support you are showing, and hopefully we’ll keep in touch. I’ll include a few pics that we’ve taken over the course of deployment. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Very Respectfully, AW2 (AW/NAC) Jason Bishop

Photos courtesy of AW2 (AW/NAC) Jason Bishop