Submitted By: MIKE

Fran, Thank you again for supporting the troops, it means alot to see a bussiness giving the amount of support that you do….don’t stop until the last soldier comes home (it might be awhile yet). Sorry for the blacked out portions of the photo, I think you will understand why. Thank you again for the workout shirts you sent, I was very surprised and pleased to see a company supporting the men while they are away from home… all are a truly different company, I salute you for your support!
Thank you….Mike
Thank you for all your kind words. Anything Physique Bodyware can do for our troops, is truly my honor! We’re happy that we can put a smile on the faces of our Men & Women serving our country during these very sad and hard times in Iraq. I made a promise that Physique Bodyware will continue to support & bring joy to them no matter how long the war lasts. My day’s are filled with meetings, photo shoots and long hours but when a soldier or their family member calls to “thank me” for the support we’ve given, my staff knows no matter how busy I am….. I will always stop and take their phone call or answer their email! Mike, It’s you and our troops that put their lives on the line each and every day for all Americans to be Free! This is our way of saying Thank You! I fully understand about the blackouts in Photo! keep up the great job over there!
Physique Bodyware salutes all of you!
God Bless always,