The Best Fat Burning Foods – Burn Fat Fast! Learn How-Start Now!

Fat loss low carb diets are out! According to Physique Bodyware it’s time to get lean, lose fat and strart training again! Here are the top tips you need to eat smart, get ripped and stay lean for life. With our 8 basic simple rules you will look better, feel younger and full of energy. For the next 12 weeks give it your best shot. Just stick with a workout plan that you can live with, make it fun and include these 8 tips

Whey Protein- Have a Whey Protein shake before you hit the gym, after your workout and whenever you’re hungry and can’t find yourself some quality food and before you blow it at the office vending machine. Also, if you know that you’re going to pig out have a whey protein shake about an hour before you hit that all you can eat buffet. You’ll eat less.

Go Green- Have a cup of Green Tea before your next workout! Full of antioxidants, research also shows that supplemental forms of Green Tea are far more effective for burning fat. For best fat burning results you should take up-to three doses of 500 Mg. Daily.

The Incredible Egg- Consume two eggs up to five days a week for a healthy slow digesting, muscle building breakfast. Research shows that two eggs with your breakfast can reduce appetite, reduce daily hunger and overall calorie intake. Compared to comparable calories: of bagels. I.E. bagels caused a insulin response and encourages the body to store body fat and that can’t be good!

Cinnamon- Encourages insulin uptake in muscle cells, which results in muscle-building if you workout. Cinnamon also enhances fat burning inside your fat cells by enhancing the burning of glucose. Liberally add some cinnamon to your daily whey protein shakes, your morning Starbucks blend and especially your morning oatmeal- it’ll add a burst of flavor with a dose of fat burning without stimulants or calories.

Oatmeal- This muscle building old school classic provides slow burning carbs and fiber to keep your insulin levels stable throughout your busy day. Have a small cup of oatmeal in the morning, for even better results add some cinnamon and eat with two eggs and a cup of Green Tea and you’ve got the fat burning breakfast of champions!

Ginger- The ginger root is known to reduce joint pain and inflammation and helps with motion sickness and nausea. Ginger can also increase metabolic rate, burn fat and even stimulate growth hormone. Fresh, dry or pickled, eaten alone or with Sushi and Sashimi ginger burns fat.

Coffee- It’s good for you one day and bad for you the next. Enjoy the fat burning effects because coffee is good again- coffee consumed without milk or sugar in the morning is full of antioxidants, stimulates fat burning (thermogenisis) One cup taken prior to a workout can help enhance performance, you’ll perform more reps and lift more weight. Increase your fat burning benefits by drinking coffee for a few months, then take 3-4 weeks off. When you return you’ll burn fat faster and more efficiently.

Cold Water- Drinking cold water keeps you hydrated, which increases your energy levels and encourages you to reduce calories with a mild thermogenic effect. Drink a glass of cold water on an empty stomach 3X daily- when you first wake up, and between meals. Drink cold water as your main beverage with meals as often as possible. Got a headache- reach for a glass of cold water, it just might do the trick.

Hot Peppers- Chile, red and cayenne peppers are true thermogenic foods. They reeve up your metabolism, raise your core temperature, make you sweat and decrease your appetite. Capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their kick, raises norepinephrine the chemical in the brain that increases heart rate, glucose release and gives you that euphoric feeling and increases blood flow to your muscles. Try adding some spice to your eggs, cottage cheese, salads and meat dishes.