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  • physique bodyware mens y back stringer tank top. made in americaphysique bodyware mens y back stringer tank top. made in america - 26 % Off

    Original men’s Y back tank tops for bodybuilders. BUY MORE! SAVE MORE! ONLY $9.32 WHEN YOU BUY 3 OR PAY $8.50 WHEN YOU BUY 5 OR MORE.  Mix N’ Match size and colors.  Made in America by Physique Bodyware. Custom made Y back stringer tank tops for bodybuilders and elite athletes for over 32 years. Order now!

  • Physique Bodyware mens workout pants. Men's workout baggiesphysique bodyware mens workout baggies heavyweight black made in america - 58 % Off

    Men’s workout baggies are always in style and the perfect fit. *BUY MORE! SAVE MORE! BUY 2 FOR $70 OR GET 3 FOR $90 ONLY $30 EACH!  Made for bodybuilders and built to last. Exclusive heavyweight fabric will not fade. Original, classic Physique Bodyware men’s workout pants, guaranteed to be the best workout pants you’ll ever own! Order now!

  • physique bodyware classic mens bodybuilder baggies with stripe. Men's Workout pantsphysique bodyware - 53 % Off

    The best fitting men’s workout baggies you’ll ever own *BUY MORE! SAVE MORE! BUY 2 FOR $70 OR GET 3 FOR $90 ONLY $30 EACH! Original men’s workout pants by Physique Bodyware feature our classic bodybuilder style & fit. The best fitting workout baggies to ever touch a weight bench since 1990. Order now!

  • - 67 % Off

     Men’s bodybuilding leggings, workout tights because everyday is leg day! Bodybuilder approved.  Compression fit men’s tights, built to help bodybuilders and athletes recover after a workout.  Physique Bodyware Compression Power Flex Men’s Tights also help to reduce friction and increase blood flow during your workout.  Order now!

  • Physique Bodyware mens workout pants. Men's workout baggiesPhysique Bodyware mens workout pants. Men's workout baggies

    Our exclusive cut men’s workout baggies are made for bodybuilding.  Slight defects maybe a small spot or missed stitching.   Great men’s gym workout baggies at this awesome sale price. The best fitting men’s workout pants you’ll ever buy! Dual pleats for today’s style and fit. Yes, they even have pockets. no coupons. Made in USA. Poly blend. Order now!

  • - 58 % Off

    Custom Made for muscle, our men’s compression shirt will become your all-weather go-to. It’s the weight of a T-shirt, fits comfortably next to the skin, wicks away moisture and keeps you cool, dry and warm.  If you train, do it in Physique Bodyware.  This iconic Physique Bodyware compression men’s flex top keeps your muscles comfortable.  Ultra Smooth fabric provides extreme comfort without restriction no matter where your workout takes you. Exclusive 4-Way stretch construction for greater mobility, never loses shape. Quick drying, wicks sweat away from the body with Odor-Free technology that prevents the growth of odor causing microbes. Chafe-free safety-lock seam construction. Poly/Elastane. Made in America.  Try layering it up with with our BIG TOPS

  • - 81 % Off

    When the call came in from our state and local officials, health care workers and medical providers for American made face masks, we just went straight to work! Physique Bodyware shifted gears from making quality workout apparel to making quality protective cloth face masks.  We retrofitted our factories in order to help keep our employees working while supplying our state, local and nationwide communities with American made reusable, 100% cotton face masks using FEMA & CDC guidelines.  Thank you to all of our brave first responders, nurses, doctors, police and firefighters risking their lives every day during this crisis.

  • Physique Bodyware men's y back stringer tank top

    Men’s blank Y back stringer tank tops by Physique Bodyware.  Made in America. Only 8.50  when you buy 24 or more.  Mix N’ Match ALL Size and Colors.  Our men’s blank Y back stringer tank tops are preferred by bodybuilders, elite athletes, screen printers, supplement brands and promotional companies since 1990.  Tanks will NOT have logo on back. Blank Y back tank tops made in America. Order now!

  • Physique Bodyware mens workout pants. Men's workout baggiesPhysique Bodyware mens workout pants. Men's workout baggies - 30 % Off

    Our exclusive men’s workout baggies are always in style and the perfect fit.  WHOLESALE PRICE ONLY 34.95 WHEN YOU BUY 12 OR MORE. MIX AND MATCH SIZE & COLORS.  Tailored bodybuilder fit Features: Dual pleats for a better fit, multi-needle soft covered 2.5 inch elastic waistband with drawstring, deep side pockets with reinforced safety stitched seams for added support and durability.  Ultra high end Ponte De Roma 67/28/5 Rayon, Nylon, Spandex blend fabric.  Soft, thick, stretchy, and insulating double-knit jersey fabric. Won’t shrink. Pro Bodybuilder approved.  Order now!

  • - 81 % Off

    Wholesale priced face mask ONLY 2.50  EA. When the call came  from our state and local health care workers and medical providers for reusable PPE, we just went straight to work. Physique Bodyware shifted gears from making quality fitness apparel to making quality protective cloth, washable face masks. Order now!

  • mens bodybuilder baggy pantsmens bodybuilder baggy pants - 28 % Off

    WHOLESALE PRICE ONLY 21.00 WHEN YOU BUY 12 OR MORE. MIX & MATCH COLORS AND SIZES.  We offer the best fitting men’s workout baggies you’ll ever own. Yes, they have pockets!  Wholesale price, original men’s baggy workout  pants by Physique Bodyware.  Classic bodybuilder style & fit since 1990.  Order now!  Woven label on leg. Featuring: Stitched down side pockets, dual pleats for a better fit, dual racer stripes with reinforced safety stitched rear seams for durability plus our classic 2.5 inch soft covered multi-needle elastic waistband.  Import.  65%Cotton/ 35% poly. Order now!

  • track pants for bodybuilderstrack pants for bodybuilders - 33 % Off

     WHOLESALE PRICE ONLY 20.00 WHEN YOU BUY 12 OR MORE. MIX & MATCH COLORS AND SIZES.  Our men’s Flex Pant features the first strategically placed stealth cell phone pocket so you don’t sit on your gear.  Innovative, easy reach cell pocket for FAST ACCESS.  Built to accommodate today’s most popular iPhone’s, Galaxy and Nokia phones.  Also features 2 separate insert side pockets for your keys and wallet.  High performance, water resistant double knit fabric.  Cutting-edge color block  flexible exoskeleton side knit panels for the ultimate in style and performance.  Woven label on leg. Cell pocket measures 7″x 3.5″.  Poly/Elastane blend.  Multi-stitched soft covered elastic waistband.  No coupons. Made in America. Order now!

    Disclaimer: Physique Bodyware nor any of its directors assumes no liability for any damaged electronic device, cell phone, personal damages or personal loss caused by any misuse of this product. 

  • Clearance Item. Slight defect but it looks and fits  great! Our exclusive men’s Hardcore Gym Hoodie features our custom V-tapered athletic fit.  Superior double knit fabric wicks away moisture, never fades, shrinks or wrinkles. Features today’s styling with contrasting 5 needle stitching, kangaroo pocket and stream-lined hood. Antimicrobial, breathable soft fabric keeps your muscles warm & dry. 84% Poly, 13% Rayon with 3% Spandex. Made in America. Order now!  Final sale.

  • Check out great fitting men’s mesh workout shorts designed for maximum performance. Today’s great fitting style men’s shorts in the gym or on the court! Featuring 6.0 oz., 100% polyester mesh with a 100% polyester tricot liner. 7″ inseam. Athletic cut and superior fit. Covered elastic waistband and drawcord. Perfect for bodybuilding, powerlifting, UFC fighting, boxing even basketball! Exclusive “Flex-Tech” mesh fabric never shrinks or fades. Durable, soft, comfortable mens mesh gym shorts that keep you dry. Order today! Import.

  • This Sherpa men’s Big Top features the perfect outer layer for cool-weather. Athletic style and fit lets you play warm, stay warm.  Designed with all the great benefits of wool, it naturally regulates core temperature, insulates with a comfortable, ultra-soft airy feel. Delivering warmth without weight.  Temperature regulating knit Sherpa Pile, as comfortable on the body as a plush blanket and performs under changing weather conditions.  This Versatile 1/4 zip men’s big top keeps your muscles warm without adding the bulk.  100% Poly. Import. Order now!

  • - 63 % Off

    Clearance Men’s Y back tank tops made for bodybuilders. Made in America.  Authentic men’s Y back stringer tank top design made for bodybuilders & athletes.  Very slight defects range from a small spot to a care missing label, still a fantastic buy for only 7.00. Our tank tops are built to take on your strongest workouts.  Exclusive V-tapered style & fit,  preferred by more bodybuilders and supplement companies for over 29 years.  Innovative tri-blend of poly/rayon/spandex.  Made in America.  No coupons. Order now.