Power Walking. Signed by Steve Reeves. Rare! This rare book makes a great gift for bodybuilders & Hercules fans!

Steve Reeves was a TV, movie star and bodybuilding legend, winner of the 1950 Mr. Universe where he beat Reg Park to bring the Sandow Trophy to America. This book came out in 1982 and it has been a rare collectable ever since. Power Walking, covers Steve Reeves method of vigorous walking, which he terms “power walking.” This classic book covers how he developed his walking method, why walking may be better than running, stretching movements, evaluating your progress, winning the losing game, mobile meditation, super fitness, questions and answers about power walking, and making health your top priority.

You are buying directly from the Physique Bodyware archives. Book in great condition. Again, this copy of Power Walking was signed in person by Hercules himself, Steve Reeves. Book can not be returned.