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I was reading your letters from the guys fighting for our country. As I told you I am doing my part to train the Iraq police/military so our boys can come home sooner.Here are a few photos of myself and team of international trainers working with the Iraqis doing some building entry training in Jordan. I believe my mission is very important and wanted to share some of it with you and your customers. retired three years ago after 23 years in law enforcement. I came out of retirement 27 months ago to come here to train these Iraqis. I wanted to do something to help my country and promised myself that I would work until I was no longer needed here. God bless America

Thanks for sharing that with me. Unfortunately the high price I had to pay for doing this has been not seeing my parents for close to two years. But I am thankful they are both healthy and there are people like you who really care. I to grew up in NY born in Flushing Queens and spent 10 years living in Rockville Center on Long Island before I went to college. I lost 2 friends I grew up with one a Capt in the NYFD and the other a stock broker on 9/11 so its just another reason of the many we all in this togeather. I too am looking forward to my new workout clothes because as you said working out is a huge stress reliever and has been part of my life for over 30 years believe it or not
It was a pleasure speaking with you today. It makes all the bad days here worth it when Americans like you support us not only materialistically but from your heart.
I am currently working in the Middle East-Jordan
If you need anything else please let me know.If you can email that you received this that would be great Warmest Regards
Randy Blum


OK thanks

U have made a client for life because of your support of us

so nice to hear what American’s are doing for their country! After 9/11 Physique Bodyware “who is in NY” didn’t realize how many soldiers were our customer’s. I made a Promise to myself….. Physique Bodyware will take care of our troops until they all come home! Our company sends out 2-3 free care packages weekly to unit’s of troops for them to train in! They love it! It’s important for them to Train for many reasons….most important is for stress. We have become Friends with many of them and their parents and wife’s and girlfriends…’s funny… true American’s find each other and help each other out! God Bless you for what you are doing…….I told your Father “you must be so proud of your son” he said proudly “I am.”
Physique Bodyware
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Team Physique Sales
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Fran I got back a week ago from the US.My parents were very surprised by my unexpected visit. I loved my new work out cloths and shirts. Its the small things in life your appreciate more when you really don’t have access to them. Its a big wake up call for things you take for granted in the US. I was very happy that everyone I spoke with was very supportive and thankful for our sacrifices. I will wear the new clothes proudly and the words made in the USA has taken on a greater meaning.