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Hi Again, sorry that my email got cut off. I was saying that my husband in a remote area and they have very convienences. He just found out that are probably going to move to a new are in a few weeks with even less. Our county doesnt understand some of the hardships our soldiers face everyday, that we take for granite. I feel guilty when I complain about the weather being hot and he is in 70 lbs of gear in 120 degree weather. Or cleaning the house and he is in an old rundown building with 28 other guys. Or anything I complain about he is 10 times worst off. Any way I seen that you are giving back to the troops and him and his guys are always trying to stay in shape and I was wondering if you would like to send them a care package. The moral is kind of low right now with the news that they are going to be there for 15 month instead of 12. So anything you would send would be greatly appreciated. His address is SFC Michael Post, —————– (EOD), Camp Taji, Iraq , APO AE ——-. Thank you again for the support.
Take Care Cheri Post


My staff forward your email to me…..1st again “thank you” for your family service to our country! Physique bodyware would be happy to send your husband and his unit a care package of our fitness gear to stay in good shape and to show our support and love to them………..We know how hard it’s for our troops to deal with the heat and the poor conditions AND ALL THE HARDSHIPS THAT WAR GIVES to our brave soldiers each day…WHO NEVER SAY A WORD ABOUT IT! BUT WE KNOW!

We added your husband name and address to our list for care packages we will email you to let you know one is on it’s way for them.

Please tell your husband and his unit Physique Bodyware “Thanks” them and we “support” the great work they are doing over there. God bless and lets pray for peace!

keep the faith always


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