Style 927 – Men’s Flex Pant. New! Stealth Cell Phone pocket so you don’t sit on your gear. Made in America

$59.95 $32.95

We couldn’t have gotten a better person to showcase our new  Flex Pants  other than Celebrity P.I. and safety, security expert Bill Stanton.  Our men’s Flex Pant features the first strategically placed stealth cell phone pocket so you don’t sit on your gear.  Features 2 insert side pockets for your keys and wallet PLUS our Innovative, easy reach cell phone pocket, that’s 3 pockets!  Our cell phone pocket is built to accommodate today’s popular cell phones. Measures 7 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide.  Hit the gym worry free with your cell phone secured in drop-in stealth pocket so comfortable you’ll forget it’s there. 

We combine the comfort and feel of cotton with strength and durability of quick-dry elastane.  High performance, water resistant double knit fabric designed to move with you wherever your workout takes you. Cutting-edge color block  flexible exoskeleton side knit panels for the ultimate in style and performance.  Multi-stitched soft covered elastic waistband.  Made in America.

Disclaimer: Physique Bodyware nor any of its directors assumes no liability for any damaged electronic device, cell phone, personal damages or personal loss caused by any misuse of this product.