Style 998 – Men’s Classic Physique Posing Suit. 24.95 NPC & IFBB approved. Great for the stage or beach

$69.95 $24.95

Mens Classic Physique posing suit by Physique Bodyware.  The official posing suit of Team Physique.  Guy’s you asked for “Classic Physique” now you got it.  Our posing suits can be worn in both amateur or pro bodybuilding shows. Our Men’s Classic Physique trunks comply with all New NPC/IFBB guidelines.  Featuring 4.5 ”  classic Physique Bodyware sides,  low rise style with quality, 4 way stretch. Hands down The BEST fitting Classic Physique men’s suit on the market today!  Great for the beach and tanning. Can be worn as compression workout shorts.  If you’re a fan of NPC suits but can’t stand the NPC & IFBB branding on the waistband, then you’ll really like the fit, feel, style and low price of our exclusive men’s posing suits.  Import.  Fabric: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex. Waist Size: S:28-30 M:31-33 L:34-36 XL:37-39 XXL:40+ Order now! 


Product Description

Men’s Classic Physique Posing Suit Our Classic Physique men’s posing trunks comply with ALL New NPC/IFBB regulations.  Featuring 4.5 ”  classic Physique Bodyware sides,  low rise style, quality, 4 way stretch. Chosen by more classic physique champions and hands down the BEST fitting mens Classic Physique posing suit on the market today!  Perfect for tanning and the beach. Can also be worn as compression shorts.  Order now!