Physique Bodyware, Inc.

September 11, 2007

To The American Red Cross for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Please read this note about our company, Physique Bodyware Inc. before you distribute the enclosed items.

We are one of the top sportswear & fitness apparel companies made in the USA. We manufacture over 300 styles of workout gear for Men and Women. Ever since 9/11, that tragic day that changed our lives forever our company Physique Bodyware has been sending 2-3 Free Care packages full of workout clothes for entire units of soldiers station in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s NOT about political beliefs or party lines it’s all about the soldiers, our brave men and women fighting for our freedom so that companies like Physique Bodyware can continue to grow and help support families by providing jobs and skills for American workers. Proud to say we’re made in the USA.

We feel very strongly about supporting our troops and all their efforts. What ever we can do to help them stay in great shape over there for their missions we’ll do it! If we can lift their spirits and boost their moral we’ll do it! We’re committed to show our love and support! We have over 250 pair of brand new work out pants we were going to send directly to our soldiers over in Iraq. Recently, we found out that our wounded Men & Women soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital need them more at this time! Value $10,200.00

Enclosed, please find 108 pair of UNISEX workout pants with pockets for our brave Men & Women soldiers that Physique Bodyware is donating to support Walter Reed Hospitals rehab center. We are in trusting you, the American Red Cross, with this task and that you and your staff will give them out accordingly to our wounded soldiers who need them the most, as promised via our phone conversation. Physique Bodyware is strongly against any misuse or sale of any enclosed pants.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have received the items we will send the balance.

Visit our website PHYSIQUE on our home page you will see a link to “Military Muscle” please read all about our “free care package program.” Plus read the wonderful Thank you letters and photos we receive from our troops.

This $10,200.00 donation is made in honor of our brave Men and Women protecting our country!

Please, let them know we love and thank them and we’re Praying for their recovery!

God Bless

Thank you

Physique Bodyware