Submitted By: CS1(AW) Lidia Caton

Subject: THANKS FOR SUPPORTING US OUT HERE IN THE NAVY > > Kelly please forward this. It will not work when I send it. >
Hello CEO >
Thank you and your crew for your support. My coworker, Petty Officer > Kelly just raves about what you all did for him and our unit. Well I am > glad to know someone cares about us out here. We serve our country proud, > it just gets lonely out here and it’s nice to know someone other than our > families care enough to send a care package. If you know of other > companies who is willing to do a little something, we will appreciate it. > We have many kids out here who get no mail at all. > I am a Culinary Specialist and let me tell you I am tired of cooking. > But, we have to do it. Every job is important out here. > My e-mail is very informal. I like to talk to people from the civilian > side. > Tell me honestly, what did you do today???? I want every detail even the > part about driving to work and some one got on your nerves. I miss the > simple things. Will you do me a favor? Smell a rose or better yet, a > bunch of flowers. Make sure it is not cut ones. I love plants and > working in the garden. I miss walking in the grass barefoot. Ok Ok > enough of me. You all take care. God bless you all and may the success of > your company out live your great, great grand kids. > Respectfully > > CS1(AW) Lidia Caton >