Get In Shape Take Back Your Fit Life Now! Here’s How.

In today’s hi-tech world you’re either in or you’re out…of touch that is. Yeah, technology is awesome but when is it too much? Stressing over external forces like high gas and oil prices, the real estate bubble burst, banks going under, global affairs, the war and who’s going to win the next American Idol can make you feel helpless. Take back your life now, focus on the internal aspects of your life, those you can control! The payoff: you’ll be happier, healthier, more productive and at peace with yourself and your place in the universe. So, if you’re ready read on.

Take back your fitness now. If you suddenly feel weak and tired when you wake up in the morning and doing nothing but watching TV causes your joints to ache, or throwing out the trash makes you feel like you just ran a marathon and climbing in and out of bed gets you winded, you’ve probably begun to loose touch with your physical fitness reality. Don’t panic we can help just follow this easy to follow, step-by-step plan. First create a vision of what being fit means to you- whether it’s getting stronger, adding more muscle, losing weight or boosting your energy levels. Next, give yourself a time limit challenging weekly goals that are achievable. Don’t just say this week I’m going to lift weights, tell yourself that you’re going to workout with weights for 40 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To help stick to your plan find a training partner or join a local gym or runners club- You’ll be sure to show up if other people are depending on you. Keep in mind the benefits of continues exercise: Fat loss, stronger bones, increased muscle function, lower cholesterol with a better mental outlook.

Eat clean. When you become disconnected from a healthy lifestyle it happens gradually and you wont be aware of it until you suddenly realize that you’ve been eating 3 deserts with dinner and your belt has a few extra holes. Rather than use a scale to monitor your weight loss progress, set a weight loss goal and write it down daily along with a weekly photo of yourself posted where you’ll see it every day. Eat a clean diet, no more junk food, cookies, cakes and ice cream. Replace them with fruit and be realistic don’t expect overnight results. Keep a journal; write everything down, they do work.

Master your mood. Nobody cares if you’re miserable so you may as well be happy! Feeling angry, anxious, grumpy and irritated all the time? Turn your mood from sad to glad with resistance training to help reduce stress levels. Also dump the negative media, TV talk shows and radio shows. If you have a group of negative friends, cut them loose, they’ll just bring you down. If you find yourself in panic mode, just stop and take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds then exhale.

Get disconnected. Disconnect your cell phone! Everywhere you go- movies, restaurants, sporting events even the public toilet- you’re forced to listen to every body’s cell phone chitchat! Better yet, you’re on a date and suddenly out comes that annoying blackberry. Let the texting games begin. First, ditch the date it’s going to just be another bill you cant afford! Second, realize that using your cell phone or blackberry will not overcompensate for OCD. Start interacting. Get out; interact with others on a face-to-face first name basis. Try the following: Finish your work and turn off your computer. Enjoy some disconnect time each and every day. Sleep without your cell phone or blackberry and leave them in another room. Turn on your answering machine or let your calls go to voice mail, only return important calls. All in-all shut all electronic devises and get out and play, socialize with friends live and in person, you’ll live!

Knockout the nicotine. Smoking cigarettes and stogies looks cool in the movies but according to the Mayo Clinic approximately 100,000 Americans die annually from this stinky habit. Get that monkey off your back with the help of nicotine patches, gum, acupuncture even hypnotism. There is plenty of help available but first you’re going to want to quit. Smoking is a mixture of OCD and chemical addiction, so if you feel the urge replace it by being active, take a walk, workout or do a little aerobics. Exercise lessons the urge to smoke and encourages a healthy mind and positive attitude. If your friend smokes try to avoid them, keep your hands busy, chew gum and reduce your alcohol intake. Don’t worry if you slip up, get right back up on your non-smoking horse. Remember, cravings usually don’t last long so try to wait them out. You can do it!

Stop the noise. Keeping up with the Joneses is another way with dealing with empty feelings, low self-esteem and emptiness. Reduce your exposure to all negative forces just shut them off, spend less time shopping on Ebay, appose materialism for a while, develop your self acceptance through your interests and hobbies like painting, drawing, gardening even writing rather than trying to address your needs by buying a bigger HD TV. Next try to have a better, stronger connection with your friends and family, those who’s company you do enjoy. Last get in touch with your community by volunteering at your local shelter, church or hospital and help make a positive impact, feel happier and consume less.

Let anger go. Holding on to anger shortens your lifespan by 10 years, better to just let it go! Let’s say your friend owes you $100 bucks and is constantly avoiding you everywhere you go, party’s the company BBQ. Every time you see them all you can do is think, “Where is my $100 bucks?” Just let it go! Get rid of them and the anger once and for all! You’ll live 10 years longer and it only cost you $10 a year. Not a bad deal! Or you could try tools like self-talk. Say words like breath, calm down, chill out or serenity now-I can’t control that person but I can control myself. This might not make the anger go away but it will lesson its intensity.

Manage your time. In a world full of multi tasking, it seems we never have enough time to finish every thing that needs to get done! Start your day with a daily list. The goal is to complete as many tasks within a reasonable amount of time. Set weekly goals and put your energy to work for you, not against you with activities that are geared towards achieving those goals. Try to schedule your day with 30% set aside where you do not read your emails, shop the web, turn off your cell phone and blackberry. Focus on the task at hand. You’ll get 70% of your work done in 30% of the time. Limit distractions and you’ll improve productivity. Try these simple steps. Give a white noise machine a shot, the sounds of a waterfall works wonders. They filter out distracting, negative sounds and conversations around you. Another technique that helps are folders labeled daily files, priorty, and completed tasks. Just think how neat and clean your desk will be every morning and at the end of each workday. Good luck! Now where did I put those folders?