Dear Physique Bodyware,

My name is Craig Jennings, I’m a retire SFC from the Army and now working as a Department of Defense Computer Tech. I’m deployed to Iraq currently and have been a dedicated fan of your active ware. Many friends have asked and bought from you after seeing your ware. The attached picture is just one of the many proofs; everyone likes your clothing line. The 5 Iraqi nationals in the picture have always liked the Biggy tops I wear to the gym here and they are great guys. They keep the place spotless, weights picked up, towels nicely fold and so forth. So I decided to show a little American thank you to them and bought them all jackets from your company. They were so happy and gratefully, the smiles they have would warm anyone’s heart from miles away. The Lady in the picture runs the night shift and competition for the military and civilians that are over here. She tries to have one every month, but its hard do to the lack of awards to give out. Most are donations from people that are deployed here or stuff she can find at the MWR warehouse. Prime example, I have a boxing medal for winning the Dip competition and a Turkey trophy for winning the leg press competition… lol. But it’s the thought that counts and the effort put forth to have these competitions.

Hope you enjoy the picture as much as the guys, Sandy and I (I’m in the middle) did giving them the jackets. If you ever want to sponsor a competition here and have a banner and something you would like to give as trophies please let me know and I will make sure lots of good pictures are taken. Thank you so much for your support and your clothing line. Summers coming so I’ll be ordering soon for the plane ride home.

Thank You for your Support!

Craig Jennings

Tallil AB/Camp Adder Iraq
Above and Beyond Excellence in Electronics!