Hi Fran,

Yes, we recieved your care package and thankyou so much. I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Things are a little crazy here with the elections. When I can get the guys together, I’ll send you a photo of us in the shirts you sent. Once again, thankyou for supporting us.

Hey, thanks so much

We really appriciate that. We have had a really bad month. On November 21st one of our vehicles was struck by a roadside bomb killing a buddie and critically wounding four others. Two of them ( “D” and Matt) we’re my workout partners. They have burns on 80% of their bodies. They are now stable at the burn center at Ft. Sam Houston. Once again, thankyou for your support. Its good to know people are thinking of these guys over here.

Robb Gustafson


so sorry to hear about your men! each time we hear about our soldiers in Iraq it makes us sick! You guys are doing a great job over there…! We love you guys and we don’t want to waste any more good soldiers! We are praying for all our troops to come home safe to their family’s and friend’s soon! I will pray for your men who are wounded for a fast recovery!

God Bless you

stay safe!


Merry Christmas

Best regards,
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