Submitted By: V/R Mike

I have read some of the letters on your web site from soldiers, I think what you all are doing is awesome! After 17 1/2 years of service I now realize how very much the families suffer, especially the wives….do not forget them!…they hold down the home front while we are “Having fun” over here….I know when I retire (in another 6 or so years) my ceremony will focus on her….putting up with the uncertainty of our status for so many years….I would greatly appreciate any “extra” gear, and thanks again for your support….never change your mindset in supporting he troops….if we do not take care of this problem here and now, our children/your children will have to fight them in the future. Fran, I applaud your dedication to the troops….there need to be more people like you in the US. It has been a very long night….I will write again soon, Mike Thanks again, V/R Mike