5 Essential Leg Day Workouts You Gotta Try Now! By Physique Bodyware.


In bodybuilding, possessing hard, muscular legs will quickly draw the eye of any judge, but as any hardcore competitor will tell you, building great legs takes time, endurance and proper technique.

Whether you’re getting ready to step on stage or just want to increase your strength, these five lower body workouts will have your legs looking bigger and more defined.

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1. Squats

A compound, full body exercise, squatting is a fan favorite. One of the most popular exercises, it’s known for building muscle, as well as toning secondary muscle groups such as abs, obliques and the lower back muscles.

Click HERE for Squat Workout video.

2. Hamstring Curls

The hamstring curl (or lying leg curl) allows for isolation of the hamstring muscle, delivering a very concentrated contraction. Focus on your muscle’s contraction and get a good squeeze out of the hamstring.


3. Dead Lifts

Dead lifting works more muscles than any other exercise. It will strengthen your entire back and it’s surrounding muscles, while being extremely effective for building core strength that supports all major muscle groups.


4. Leg Extensions

Leg extensions target strengthen the quadriceps and key attachments for the knee joint. Improve your upper sweep and isolate your quads by pointing your toes out when you come up.


5. Seated Calf Raises

When performing a seated calf raise, it is better to use less weight and higher reps, due to the fact that you are putting greater emphasis on the soleus, as opposed gastroc, which consists of more slow twitch muscle fibers.


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Written by Lina G. DeForca for Physique Bodyware