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I am truley sorry i have not replied sooner. I received your package a Little bit ago and it meant quite a bit to the men. Our lift off went well. Most “men” in the army are about 19-21 years old nowadays so we had 3 break the 300 pound club on bench (which we all know is the official meathead standard). They got first pick of the gear and the rest was handed out accordingly. I was very pleased and they all felt like kings to get Official bodybuilding wear. Please don’t take my tardiness in reply the Wrong way. Companies like you remind us of what we are doing here and You’re support really helps with morale. I will send photos as soon as we get time, we are pretty busy lately, and i figure out how to work the Computer. After all we are infantrymen and throwing rocks and sticks at it Has yet to transmit a picture over the Internet. But we will figure it out So don’t worry.
Thanks again for your support.



we are happy to hear the guys felt like “KINGS”! THAT’S GREAT!
yes, Physique Bodyware is hear to help our guys out over there….After 9/11 we made a promise to support our troops, so don’t worry what ever you need we will be there for you guys! As always stay safe and God Bless all of you guys

we have posted your email on our website and when you send us the photo’s we will post them!