Men`s Workout Pants. Featuring Pockets And Duel Pleats For a Better Fit. Pants For Bodybuilders. Made in America. Lowest Prices!

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Style 716 - Men's Workout Pant. Original men's workout baggies.2 for $60. Always in style & the perfect fit. Made in America.

Special Offer! Get 2 Pants For Only $60 Mix N` Match Styles 716, 733, 784
Men's workout pants by Physique Bodyware. Our exclusive cut men's workout pants are always in style & the perfect fit. Made in America order now! Today's look in the gym and on the street. Original cut Mens Workout Baggies available in soft-touch cotton/poly blend that looks great and feels even better wash after wash. Since 1990 Physique Bodywares men's workout pants are made in America. Yes our pants have pockets to hold your keys, iPhone and wallet. Order now! Pro athlete tested and bodybuilder approved, our classic men's workout pants are built to last. Features include: Duel pleats for a better fit, bar tacked seams with multi-needle soft covered 2.5 inch elastic waistband, side pockets and reinforced safety stitched seams for added support & durability. Same awesome style and fit as our style 716B men's workout baggies. Cotton/Poly blend. Order now!

Exclusive Men's workout pants feature Physique Bodyware's exclusive style. Made for training in the gym or just chillin' around town. Super soft and comfortable our workout pants for men feature our exclusive performance fabric that looks and feels great wash after wash. Made in America. Order now. Our classic Men's workout pants are not just being worn at the gym. Our workout pants accentuate your muscular physique giving you that custom fitted look thatís comfortable and trendy on the town while offering you more room in the seat and hip.

Another added benefit, youíll look much younger no matter how young you are! Picture Mass Monster, Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler wearing a pair of Jeans with a flannel shirt from the Wal-Mart. Now picture Jay wearing classic men's workout Baggies with a Y back stringer tank top. Who do you remember? These day's Menís workout pants are more like a fashion statement showing the world that youíre an athlete who trains hard to keep healthy and stay in style and in shape. Whoís going to argue with you! We offer superior customer service and same day shipping is available. Order Now!
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Style 716 - Men's Workout Pant. Original men's workout baggies.2 for $60. Always in style & the perfect fit. Made in America.
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